What is the 9ja Business Directory

9ja Business Directory is a fun and exciting way to access information about businesses in Nigeria. It is very user friendly, with a variety of search options to choose from, maps to various listed businesses, photos and videos of listed businesses. Businesses in Nigeria have the biggest platform for the exposure of their goods and services on 9jabd.com as well. By subscribing to the service at a token they are able to reach millions of people all over the world. 


Who can advertise on 9ja Business Directory

9ja Business Directory exposes your business and adverts to all parts of the world, therefore anyone with genuine business or services can advertise. Our coverage leverages on the internet ensuring all adverts has no geographical limitation


Who can list businesses on 9ja Business Directory

Anyone with a genuine operational business can list their business on www.9jabd.com. At the moment only businesses with Nigerian Contact details can list on 9jabd.com. We are working on covering more countries.


What is the process of creating a business listing on 9jabd.com

Click on the "list your business menu" or “Add your business” banner on the homepage and choose from the Basic, or Premium level listings. Create your own username and password and fill in your business and billing information. You will be notified once your business listing is approved.


How is the order of the listing on 9ja business directory in the search page determined

Business listings are randomly listed within each level (Basic and Premium) in every search result. Example: If there are four Premium advertisers, there will be a randomly generated ranking each time among the top four spots in the search page. Of Course, all listings classified as “FEATURED” stays on top of every search result.


When does my business listing appear in search

When you list your business, it will first be approved by 9jabd administrator followed with an automated email notifying you that your listing has been approved. Your business will appear when a search is done for your business category, subcategory, or location.


If  I place my business listing under a sub-category, will my listing appear under the main category as well?

Yes. Users can search by all businesses in a category or just the businesses in a subcategory. Your listing would appear in both. Also, when listing, you are permitted to select all applicable categories related to the products and services rendered by your business.


I don't see a category my business or service falls under. How can I suggest one?

You can suggest one. Visit the contact us page and send an email to the listed email address on that page. The suggested category will be delivered to the site administrators.


How often is 9ja Business Directory Updated?

9ja business directory is updated on an ongoing basis as on-line submission of forms are made and verified. Once a year 9jabd will endeavor to carry out a notification process. This process will inform new business of the directory and its listings and will equally remind existing businesses to keep their information up-to-date.


Is 9ja business directory available in Hard Copy or Electronic Format?

No. At this time, 9jabd is intended for viewing purpose only and is meant to be used online. Information on this site is not intended for resale or commercial use. When 9ja Business Directory introduces the hard-copy-based directory detailed notices will be published on www.9jabd.com and other affiliated mediums.

Who needs an Account on 9jaBD?

Owners of Businesses should create an account for a listing in the directory. This account will enable them manage the listings and also make offers and add events to their listings (only premium listings). An account is not required to search the directory nor for quote requests.

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9jabd.com is a fun and exciting way to access and share information about businesses in Nigeria. It is very user friendly, with a variety of features to choose from, maps to various listed businesses, photos and videos of listed businesses.


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